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【 みたらしアンコ 】
Konoha's Snake Princess

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Created: 3/26/12
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The Eternal Return


Away from the battle, all is quiet, save for the faint susurration of the breeze through the boughs of the ancient trees, carrying with it the occasional distant cries of the shinobi who have united against this one doom of eternal illusion; a death without dying. Sometimes the breeze brings with it the rank undercurrent of blood and burning.

It’s not his war.

Maybe it never was. He’d always thought of himself as the agent of change and chaos; turning the windmills he’d always found so boring, creating newness out of the pit of stagnation. Now it seemed that the chaos had gotten away from him and grown out of anyone’s control into a thing of such grotesqueness that even he, Orochimaru, found himself unwilling to embrace it.

A death without dying. He’d already experienced it once at Sasuke’s hands, and again at Itachi’s. He did not want to experience it again, this indignity of being aware, yet powerless to break free of the Mobius loop. No. As vehemently and obsessively as he had evaded death, Orochimaru knew that if he were ever to die he’d rather go down in flame and glory, on his terms.

But he isn’t thinking about that now. He’d done his good deed for today. He’d healed the Kages. He’d given them one last chance to defend their world. Tsunade had thanked him, but who knew if she really trusted him, or ever could? He supposed he couldn’t blame her for that. He’d been nothing if not thorough in burning his bridges with poisonous glee. It was hard to rebuild something from the ashes of what it had once been.

The cave mouth yawned before him; the site of his second resurrection. He paused to study it, knowing already what lay within, his face emotionless, betraying no hint of what or who his thoughts had turned to. With a soft sigh he moved again, his shadow stretching out ahead of him, snaking along the ground.

It fell upon two inert forms; one standing, head slouched forward as if in deep concentration, silver hair disheveled. Kabuto.

Only now did Orochimaru’s face show any hint of emotion; he studied his former servant, a complex tangle knotting itself in his chest. There was disappointment, heavy and leaden, although he wasn’t certain why. Kabuto had served him faithfully in his time, had guarded him and healed him. Orochimaru had chosen him personally. But to see finally how deep the rot had spread left him feeling not unlike a father who’d discovered that his son had become someone he no longer recognized; a twisted parody of what he’d once loved.

The second form lay on her back, and he would have thought her dead had he not been able to sense the weak pulsing of her chakra, still stubbornly clinging to life. He edged closer to her, gazing down on her with a mixture of pity and regret at all she’d had to suffer because of him.


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I hear cold sounds resounding in the room, If this is the last moment…….

All was quiet, only the sounds of water droplets echoed though the caverns of the stilled air. It seemed that even an incects movements could cut through the stoned room. The sounds so clear to the ear, but muffled at the same time. How did she end up here—? Was she dead—?

The once hyperactive shinobi, now incapable of moving even if she wanted, this couldn’t be the end could it. Dieing like this in a cave that no one even knew about. Her unconscious mind shrouded in a mist of darkness, nothing registering for her to awake anytime soon, though the droplets of the cavern broke through a little more at a time as they’d hit the rock below.


Had her exsistence finally come to an end…No—! She couldn’t allow it to end like this, she still had to fulfill her goal. Though with her condition it looked as if she’d never reach them. Suddenly the sound of footsteps traveled through cave, shattering the silence. She’d clung to her life, hoping that just some how she’d recover.

A spring in her mind soon began to move, breaking through that mist of darkness that enveloped her mind. Becoming conscious, even if it was just a bit. This presence was familiar, one that she knew very well, though despised to a great extent. Even so this presence was probably her only lifeline, if she wanted to live. Those eyes, she could feel their eyes gazing down on her. She strained to open her eyes, only managing to open them into slits. Her light pupiless doe irises faintly gleamed from cracks of the slits, gazing towards her former sensei..


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Anko unlocked her door, entering the small living quarter she stayed in. Once in she closed the door behind her, using a foot to take of her sandals, as she soon removed her shin guards. As the proctor found herself a bit worn out, she headed to her room. As she opened the bed room door, she waited till she had closed it to turn on the light. The light flickered on as she turned around, her pupiless tanned hues widened at what, or who she say laying in her bed. Her face tinted with a pink-tint, "Y-you better have a good excuse for being in my bed naked." The woman cleared her throat as she turned her head to the side, the light red blush still visible.

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Send me a ✵ for my muses reaction to finding yours naked in bed waiting for me

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A small bead of sweat appeared on the larger male’s face; he did not like the sound of her tone of voice and her rather intimidating grin. Her wanting to find him did not bode well. 

Yet her request seemed innocent enough; she was well known to be a dango aficionado. Not that such a thing was surprised considering her name. 

"I know of a few places that makes good dango, it all depends on what you’re in the mood for." He absentmindedly scratched his cheek, hoping that he could point her in the right direction, and hopefully avoid sending her to a place with less than quality dango. Such a thing, he imagined, would warrant her coming back and attempting to kill him. Or at least, that was how he thought it might go. 

Like always Anko found entertainment in the reactions she received from the people she approached. Each having a different one, though some similar to one another as well. Even though she wanted to poke at the younger shinobi, she restrained herself seeing how she was asking for help.

Anko’s face light up, hearing how he did know of some places that served the skewered mochiko dumplings, “Well hanami and mitarashi dango,” She replied rather quickly, “Those are the main two that I’m interested in.” The damson-haired woman implied as she continued to grin, hoping that the Akamichi boy would be able to point her in the right direction. The proctor would know if the quality of the dango was good or bad, seeing how she had a particular shop in each village it seemed.

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